Magic Slimming Black Leggings

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Leggings are just leggings right? Well think again ... introducing the magical, the wonderful brand new slimming leggings.


Visible results in just 30 days!


These leggings use nanotechnology with active bio-ceramic crystals to help tone, trim and sculpt!


They help to reduce cellulite, improve skin elasticity and to reactivate blood circulation.


They can be worn under clothing or just as normal leggings.


They can be worn during exercise to help burnt extra calories. 


Seamless pressure knitted fabric with nanotechnology that improves circulation and encourages weight loss.


Your body heat is absorbed and transformed by the bio-ceramic crystals which is released as infra red radiation. This increases skin temperature, blood flow and lymphatic circulation helping the body to eliminate fat cells more effectively.


For best results: wear daily for 8 hours for a minimum of 28 days.